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Sandwich mesh cloth

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  • Influence of Single Layer Mesh Fabric Yarn on Textile Product

    1 warmthSingle-layer mesh fabric structure and warmth of clothing have a certain relationship, because the structure ...
    Published:2017-01-09   Clicks:86

  • Main features of sandwich mesh cloth

    Sandwich mesh cloth main features:(1) both to protect the skin from liquid and particulate pollution, but also make the ...
    Published:2017-01-09   Clicks:68

  • Sandwich fabric seat cover car solution

    1. usually sandwiches:Block sets of highlights is the sandwich mesh and linen cooler mats, and today we talk about the p...
    Published:2017-01-09   Clicks:56

  • Clothing lining sandwich mesh

    Sandwich mesh variety, use is more and more widely. Clothing sandwich mesh has become a popular trend.Sandwich mesh main...
    Published:2016-12-22   Clicks:28

  • 3D mesh cloth new endless

    At present, many companies committed to the health of the sleep industry have introduced high-tech environmentally frien...
    Published:2016-12-22   Clicks:30


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